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Superior Technology

Our P2P-PLUS platform reaches the most people via telecommunication mediums, including SMS, MMS, RCS & Voice

Free-to-End-User (FTEU) & Toll-Free Messaging

You can send messages at no cost to the person you're targeting.

Choice of Mobile Channels

Every business engagement is different. Pick your mobile channel. We offer Toll-Free Long Code, Standard Long-Code, Short Code, and FTEU Short-Code.

Delivery Guarantee & Receipts

Our telecom-based infrastructure offers true delivery confirmation via the major phone carriers. Internet-based P2P competitors aren't capable of providing this type of delivery guarantee. 


Link2Tek outperforms the competition in areas of data, delivery assurance, delivery speeds, security, audience targeting, legal compliance, analytics, & more.

More Mobile Numbers Than Any Other Firm

No other technology firm can directly reach more people via mobile phone. The phone data used by the Company is updated every 15 minutes by the Big 5 Carriers. On a national level, we typically match mobile numbers to at least 70% of any audience; a match rate that even the biggest data providers envy.

Highly Sophisticated Audience Targeting
We offer sophisticated  

pre-message targeting via voter/consumer files and demographic data, and post-message targeting based on audience responses & feedback; providing you the necessary flexibility to conduct simultaneous conversations with distinct audiences.

Most Effective, Efficient Platform for Reaching People

Unlike advertising, which relies on people turning on their TV or opening their social media application, we push visually rich, targeted messages to the device people check 80 times per day. Text messages are the closest thing to a guaranteed read in today's world.

Learn the benefits of using a true telecommunications-based platform.