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Choice of Mobile Channels

We offer a range of options for delivering and receiving text messages.

Free-to-End-User Short Code (e.g., 96000)

This channel offers the highest-level of delivery performance, but it's also the most expensive and we only recommend this channel for certain high volume clients. 


Toll-Free Long Code (e.g., 866-000-0000)

​This is our standard delivery channel, which offers a very high level of delivery performance and is a more cost effective alternative than FTEU short codes.

Standard Long Codes (e.g., 941-531-0000)​​
This is an alternative delivery channel available to clients with opt-in lists. We can obtain a local long code for these types of messages.
Vanity Codes
We can secure a vanity short or long code that conforms to your needs.
Short- & Long-Code Key Words (e.g., Text Link2Tek to 96000)

We offer short and long-code key words for use in your campaigns. Inquire for details.