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Legal Compliance

Fully Compliant with Federal Law

Link2Tek's P2P-PLUS technology is fully compliant with federal law and is supported by a detailed legal analysis and Opinion from the highly-respected telecommunications practice of the national law firm Arent Fox. Like platforms in the P2P Alliance, the Link2Tek system requires human intervention and is not capable of becoming an autodialer. The P2P Alliance Legal Analysis states: 

"P2P messages cannot be sent without human intervention, and any P2P message, whether containing a script or a uniquely tailored message, requires an affirmative human action. By ensuring that each message is individually sent to a single recipient, P2P texting facilitates the types of conversations the FCC has sought to permit, rather than restrict, in its implementation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. § 227)." 
"P2P text messaging does not involve the use of equipment that constitutes an automatic telephone dialing system (“autodialer”) as such term is defined by the TCPA, nor are P2P messages made using an autodialer."
These positions have been affirmed by recent federal appeals and district level rulings.