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Leading Technology for Delivering Political Text Messages

Get Higher Turnout & More Eyes on Your Messages with Link2Tek's Telecom-Based Platform

If you're interested in using the power of texting to win elections, Link2Tek is your obvious choice. Here's three reasons why:

1) We match more mobile phone numbers to targeted voters than any other firm, including even the biggest GOP data firms controlled by the Koch brothers and the RNC. Remember, you can't drive turnout if you don't have the number. Because the data we access is updated every 15 minutes by the major carriers, we can deliver messages to voters that the Internet-based P2P providers cannot. Our data comes directly from the telecoms.

2) We assure delivery of your messages, while internet-based P2P providers cannot. Our telecom-based infrastructure offers true delivery confirmation via the major phone carriers. Inferior internet-based P2P platforms aren't capable of providing this type of delivery guarantee. We know from our work with the carriers that internet-based P2P platforms are seeing a significant percentage of their messages being blocked. The worst part for you: those internet-based P2P providers have no idea which messages are getting through and which ones aren't - leaving them, you, (and more importantly, voters) in the dark.

3) We offer the most sophisticated message targeting capabilities. Don't be duped into sending the same message to your entire universe. That's an inefficient, less effective way to use texting. Rather, use our sophisticated pre-message and post-message targeting tools. Because we can match mobile phone numbers to more people than any other technology, we can begin conversations with people via mobile phones that others cannot. On a typical project, we initiate conversations with scores of targeted audience blocs, providing an unmatched capability to simultaneously conduct interactive conversations across a range of targeting criteria. Then, after messages are sent, we re-target specific populations based on the audience responses and feedback. All of this targeting is easily done within our platform, providing the necessary flexibility to simultaneously conduct distinct conversations with different individuals.

Simply put, Link2Tek outperforms the competition in areas of delivery assurance, delivery speeds, security, audience targeting, legal compliance, analytics, and more. That's why we achieve results like these: