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Comparing Link2Tek's P2P-PLUS Platform to the Competition's

In the race to the victory lane, Link2Tek outperforms the competition in areas of data, delivery assurance, delivery throughput & speeds, security, audience targeting, legal compliance, analytics, and more.


Link2Tek: No other technology firm can directly reach more people via mobile phone. The phone data used by the Company is updated every 15 minutes by the Big 5 Carriers. On average, the national match rate across all audiences is 70%. For many targeted audiences, we match 90%+ with mobile phones.

Competition: The mobile phone data they access is often wrong or they can't provide a number for the person being targeted for messaging. They cannot access the same authoritative and comprehensive data source Link2Tek can, and are reliant upon 3rd party providers to match numbers to their targeting lists.


Link2Tek: Our telecom-based infrastructure offers true delivery confirmation via the major phone carriers. We monitor the progress of every message from our telecom gateway based servers through the major phone carrier servers to the intended target.

Competition: Inferior internet-based platforms aren't capable of providing the same types of of delivery guarantees. 


Link2Tek: Our technology was designed and built to deliver time-sensitive emergency alert and warning messages. As a result, we offer a reliable, proven tool for delivering time-sensitive mass communications, such as Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) notices, responses to false and malicious attacks, and customer safety recalls. 

Competition: Internet-based P2P platforms are severely limited in their ability to deliver messages in a timely manner. Link2Tek can do, in minutes, what those systems take hours, days, or weeks to accomplish. When time counts, those internet-based P2P systems are not a reliable option for delivering your mission critical messages.


Link2Tek: Before any messages are sent, our system directly targets people using sophisticated audience modeling techniques and individual demographic data (age, race, income, and gender). Then, after messages are sent, we re-target specific populations based on the audience responses and feedback. All of this targeting is easily done within our platform, providing the necessary flexibility to simultaneously conduct distinct conversations with different individuals.

Competition: Although they offer some pre-message targeting, their post-message targeting is substantially more limited and lacks the full suite of functionality the Link2Tek platform delivers.


Link2Tek: Telecommunications-based; allows users to benefit from full-suite of Carrier functionality & technology.

Competition: Internet-based; no access to Carrier functionality and technology.


Link2Tek: Full portal-to-recipient data encryption at federal government security standard levels.

Competition: Cannot offer same (or similar) level of security due to internet-based architecture; more susceptible to message hacking.


Link2Tek: Quick & transparent reporting of delivery, click-through, opt-out, and response rates & data; response data for entire universe collected in real-time; carrier provided receipts for every message

Competition: No capability to provide carrier receipts results in inaccurate reporting data for delivery, opt-out, and click-through rates.