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Comparing Telecom and Internet Architectures

When you have time-sensitive messages, and it's important that your messages actually reach their intended target, telecom-based platforms like Link2Tek are the only way to go.

Internet-based P2P platforms may be cheaper than telecom-based platforms like Link2Tek, but they are also less reliable and aren't dependable for delivering mass communications in a short period of time.

Consider this, Link2Tek's telecom-based infrastructure offers true delivery confirmation via the major phone carriers, while internet-based platforms aren't capable of providing this type of delivery guarantee. As a result, they can't tell you whether your messages are actually reaching their intended audience. To the contrary, Link2Tek monitors the progress of every message, from our telecom gateway based servers through the major phone carrier servers to the intended target. In fact, the carriers provide an affirmative delivery receipt to our systems, allowing us to know with certainty whether your message has been delivered to the phone of the person you are targeting. That's one reason we offer delivery guarantees that the internet-based P2P systems cannot match.

Additionally, Link2Tek offers a reliable, proven tool for delivering time-sensitive messages. The platform was designed to meet rigid emergency alert and warning standards for message delivery, meaning the throughput speeds must be high and the delivery rates must consistently exceed 99%. The Link2Tek platform meets both standards, and is therefore a proven, reliable tool for delivering time-sensitive messages, such as Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) notices, responses to false and malicious attacks, and customer safety recalls. Again, this is an area where internet-based P2P platforms fall short. Those systems offer much lower deliverability rates and their message throughput is only a small fraction of Link2Tek's.

Bottomline: when you need messages to be delivered within minutes of a certain time (e.g., within a few minutes of the polls opening) or you need to know with certainty that your messages are being delivered, trust Link2Tek. You simply cannot trust internet-based P2P platforms to get the job done.