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Our pricing varies for each client and is based upon volume and requirements. Our advanced technology offering is a good fit for the most discerning customers and is only available to those clients with shared mutual interests. For those that qualify, we primarily offer three solutions:

#1: Turnkey Managed Service Solution

This is the best solution for nearly all of our customers. Our turnkey bundled solution encompasses the full array of data & communications services and is priced based upon volume level. This solution includes: 

  • Mobile Landing Pages Correctly Viewed on Over 8,600 Platforms

  • Socio-Demographic Data Appends 

  • Data Analytics and Voter Modeling

  • Contact Data Supplementation (Mobile Numbers)

  • Five (5) to Eight (8) Communications Credits per Targeted Individual (SMS, MMS, RCS, and Voice)

  • Full Transactional Reporting

#2: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution

For certain organizations with the technical know-how, sufficient staff support, and a desire to manage implementation internally, our platform is available as a SaaS solution. If this describes your ​needs, please contact us. This solution may include:

  • Individual System Portal with Administration Functionality

  • On-Site Two-Day Training program 

  • Full User Guide

  • System Customization (billed hourly)

#3: Annual Communications Contract Solution

For those clients who have a consistent high demand for sending text messages throughout the year, we offer special high-volume pricing and discounts. This solution requires an annual contract and certain monthly usage minimums.