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Alert Technology Holdings, Inc., and the original political subsidiary, Link2Tek, consists of experts with deep expertise in telecommunications, technological innovation, government, and politics. 

Juliana Lam

Prior to forming Link2Tek, LLC, Ms. Lam was Founder, CEO and COO of Healthcare Revenue Management, Inc. (HealthRev) from March 1997 through the sale of the company to Argent Financial Services. Prior to HealthRev, Ms. Lam was National Vice President for Third Party Recovery and Potential Medicaid Payment with HHL Financial Services, Inc., the largest healthcare accounts receivable company in the nation based in New York. Through her operating experience in healthcare, Ms. Lam handled the large-scale conversion of two (2) mainframe healthcare A/R management solutions and third party billing platforms. She has continued to develop her knowledge of and reputation in technological solutions, which enhance operational performance and effectiveness; she now brings this technical experience to the political arena.

Yuk-Ming Lam, PhD

Dr. Lam is a seasoned, hands-on technical architect, and project & operational manager in the communications technology field with deep experienced working at AT&T, Bell Labs, and Vonage. He possesses extensive experience in SW and system development, and leading edge technologies, which include: reliable large system architecture, VoIP call processing and media transport, SIP, RTP, CPL, VXML, IVR, PSTN telephony technology, PBX, telephone switch, data communication, Linux, UNIX, Windows 95/NT, VPN, IPSec, LAN/WAN, Internet technology, HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML, Java, JavaScript, FastCGI, cURL, ActiveX, database, browser-based GUI, X windows, Visual Basic, C/C++, middleware, CORBA, and object-oriented methodology. Yuk Ming has strong technical management experience, which both developed and implemented the Vonage VoIP call processing system, WorldPlus International Calling Plan (AT&T international telephone services) and 3280MPS, which is a leading revenue generating multi-processor computer in Concurrent Computer Corporation.


Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics, The University of Chicago

Master of Science in Physics, University of Chicago

Diploma of Physics, University of Manchester, UK

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, University of Hong Kong

Hing Kai Hung, PhD

Dr. Hing Kai Hung has broad experience in the computer sciences and technology sector, having applied Artificial Intelligence to telecommunication networks at NYNEX Science & Technology. Additionally, Dr. Hung has created market data services and defined blueprints as a technical architect at Merrill Lynch, and has extensive experience in Voice Over Internet Protocols (VoIP) processing at Lucent Technologies. Most recently, Dr. Hung has been involved in the creation of software that facilitates company delivery of applications across remote sites over Virtual Private Networks.


PhD in Computer Science, The State University of New York in Buffalo