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Unequal Delivery Assurance

Our telecom-based infrastructure offers true delivery confirmation via the major phone carriers. Internet-based P2P platforms aren't capable of providing this type of delivery guarantee. 

Message Delivery Monitoring 

We monitor the progress of every message from our telecom gateway based servers through the major phone carriers to the intended target. The carriers provide an affirmative delivery receipt to our systems, allowing us to know with certainty whether the message has been delivered to the phone of the person you are targeting.

Remedial Launch Capabilities

Our systems are built to government level emergency alert and warning ​standards. As a result, we have an over 99% deliverability rate to carrier servers. In the unlikely event we detect an error, our systems are built to conduct remedial launches at no cost to the customer, usually resolving the delivery issue. If that doesn't resolve the issue, our team works closely with the carriers to bring an efficient resolution and ensure your messages are delivered to the intended audience.

Get Smart: Internet-Based P2P Platforms Cannot Verify Delivery  

Internet-based P2P platforms have no way of confirming message delivery like our telecom-based technology can. That functionality is simply not available to internet-based P2P platforms. As a result, internet-based P2P platforms have no way of proactively detecting delivery issues and no way to guarantee delivery.