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Unmatched Audience Targeting

Our technology is being used to its greatest and highest potential when distinct messages are being sent to distinct audiences and individual dialogues are occurring between a person and our client via the platform.

Pre- & Post-Message Targeting

Before any messages are sent, our system directly targets people using sophisticated audience modeling techniques and individual demographic data (age, race, income, and gender). Then, after messages are sent, we re-target specific populations based on the audience responses and feedback. All of this targeting is easily done within our platform, providing the necessary flexibility to simultaneously conduct distinct conversations with different individuals.

Distinct Messages to Distinct Audiences

Because we can match mobile phone numbers to more people than any other technology, we can begin conversations with people via mobile phones that others cannot. On a typical project, we initiate conversations with scores of targeted audience blocs, providing an unmatched capability to simultaneously conduct interactive communications across a range of targeting criteria.

Interactive Communications

Unlike TV, mail, and, most digital advertising, our platform is specifically built to conduct interactive communications. This allows for our customers to gain important insights directly from the targeted audience, providing invaluable information to inform and validate audience modeling data and targeting criteria.